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Who We Are?


Founder and CEO

My name is Elin Kanchev and I am an athlete and a fitness professional with over 20 years of experience. As a certified personal trainer, national champion in martial arts, and professional natural body building champion, I have personally motivated thousands of people to achieve their goals and be successful in all aspects of life.

It all started in 1992; I was seven years old with health issues, and my doctors prescribed exercise. Once I started, I never stopped. I began training in martial arts, falling in love with the skill and discipline of the sport. I wanted to be the best, and as I witnessed my own transformation and improvement, my innate passion and excitement for life motivated me to keep learning and getting better. I became a national champion and discovered my true vocation – sharing with others what I had learned so that they too were empowered to be active and to live their lives to the fullest by taking control of their own health and happiness. I realized if I could learn something new and implement it in my own life, others could too.


I quickly realized that not only did I want to share what I had learned, but others wanted me to share too. Family, friends, and strangers in the gym noticed my skill, expertise, and passion and began asking me for advice – this brought me a new kind of satisfaction, born out of the idea that I could do what I love: empowering others through training. I helped hundreds of people gain the knowledge and independence to reach their goals through personal training, but I knew it wasn’t enough. I knew I could do more through training if I stayed true to my own core values: honesty, loyalty, discipline, and compassion.

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The Team

No one can do it alone

I knew I needed to surround myself with people who reflected my own values.

So, I started searching for people who live the lifestyle, who want to keep growing and learning, and most importantly, whose goal and passion is helping others. I knew that if I found good people with the right personalities, I could teach them the specific skills that made me a successful trainer. I understood the importance of identifying people with the right energy, values, and passion to join our team.

Today, we apply the same principles to our clients – constantly striving to develop the kinds of relationships that will allow us to empower them to improve themselves and those around them.

What Do We Do?

Since 2014, ELIN has helped thousands of individuals through our services, worked with dozens of trainers who have gone on to build lucrative and fulfilling careers through our guidance, and created a company culture of excitement, dedication, and expertise.

From the busy professional to competitive athlete, from politicians to entrepreneurs and celebrities, we have helped individuals excel in their lives through our unique approach and proprietary training method.

What Makes Us Different?

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Our proprietary training method, 4STM – 4 Seasons Training Method™, is based on proven universal principles. It was developed through a lifetime of learning, training, observing, and teaching by founder and CEO, Elin Kanchev. Grounded in science, 4STM facilitates perpetual progression, from goal setting to reaching peak athletic performance.

Throughout his lifetime of training and athletic success, Elin eventually found himself lost as an athlete and bored as a trainer. His training methods, though effective, lacked structure and completeness and did not support personalization and perpetual progression. So, he developed his own method – pulling together everything he had learned as a martial artist, professional body builder and lifelong athlete. As a result, 4STM was born.

Using an annual macro cycle, seasonal mesocycle, and specific micro cycle, 4STM is designed to meet the needs of the individual. Whether you are someone who just wants to get in shape, or have sports specific goals, 4STM provides the structure, variety, and engagement you have been searching for.

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Reach out to us to learn more about 4STM™.

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Serving clients in the Metropolitan D.C. area and Worldwide.



Contact us

Serving clients in the Metropolitan D.C. area and Worldwide.



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